Is ASMR erotic, sexual and perverted?

ASMR videos are being watched by thousands of people daily. With the most popular videos hitting over ten million views. Is the success of these videos the calming and relaxing feeling one gets from them or is it something sexual, flirtatious and seductive?

ASMR flirt

A common misconception is that all ASMR content is erotic, sexual or perverted. This is not the case. However, there are some dedicated fetish videos.

If you don’t know at all what we are talking about here, please read introduction to ASMR and come back!

Sexual or not?

There are a lot of comments about sexuality and fetishes on YouTube’s ASMR videos and it seems like this mindset comes from the people who accidentally stumbled there, not the every day consumer. I have been interviewing some content creators and they all take their work very seriously. They hate that their efforts are being compared to something so offensive to the general public – sex. Women ASMR artists who dress more freely and flirt with the audience receive the most hate.

Amalzd is a very good ASMR artist who suffers from the sexuality hate. The first though of many new comers is that the pretty lady is seducing them on the video. It is ofcourse a valid point as the soft tone of voices that trigger ASMR are very similar to a seductive tone.

Media is advertently and inadvertently trying to sexualize ASMR. Those who have been experiencing ASMR for quite a while look past the denigration, but we don’t want the newcomers to get the wrong idea.

The purpose of these videos is to make one feel good and relaxed. It’s like a massage for the inner body. For centuries, massages have been considered somewhat sexual. In my opinion, ASMR videos are as sexual as massages. You can make it sexual if you want, but initially it is not. It’s as simple as that. Like massages, ASMR could fill the role of foreplay if taken to a certain direction.

The sexual direction

It is inevitable as ASMR grows more popular that a strong subset of video content will emerge that will solely concentrate on sex. Think about it, it’s the perfect way for cyber sex and there is a huge demand. This might be hard for someone to digest, but it is definitely the reality of the world we live in. ASMR sex will be popular in future.

There are of course some ASMR artists whose videos are more seductive (and probably too seductive for people just looking for the tingles, not to get aroused).

I’m not going to post the more sexual videos here, but if you want to check out where this is headed, I discovered a subreddit that lists some sexual ASMR. There seems to be all kinds of videos from flirting, seduction, dirty talking and massaging to actual ASMR porn. Most of the content is created for men and you have to be over 18 to view these.