ASMR Sleep – Videos to help you sleep better

ASMR sleep videos are a natural and easy way to help you sleep. The focus of ASMR is relaxation. And with a certain structure, the focus can be sleep. In this article you will be given a brief introduction to ASMR and a lot of free resources to get you sleep better.

ASMR sleep relax - sleep videos

ASMR is the tingling feeling you get from various sounds or presence of another person. You can get this feeling by watching videos of people speaking and creating relaxing sounds. If this is a new concept to you, I suggest you read a longer post aboutwhat is ASMR.

ASMR Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, you have probably gone through tons of online content and tested out everything. The thing is, every human being is different and you have to find what works for you. Sleep videos are a good way that you might not have thought about before. Give it a try and listen to the sleep video below:

ASMR sleep relaxation

I first found out about ASMR videos a couple of years ago when I was having a lot of sleep issues. Laying in the bed, having nothing to do, I started watching these weird videos and immediately found them very relaxing. They didn’t help me fall asleep at first but soon it became a habit for me to watch them every night I went to bed. After only a couple of days, the soothing whispers and soft voices provided me with a distraction. Suddenly I wasn’t thinking about my problems or what I had to do tomorrow and how tired I would be. I kind of just forgot everything and drifted to sleep. The distraction the videos provided was the main thing. ASMR sleep videos are boring enough that they don’t get you thinking and interesting enough that they will keep you from thinking about something else. It’s quite amazing.

ASMR sleep – Best sleep aid

The best way to consume ASMR videos is to use headphones. They keep other noises away and with them, you can hear the binaural tracks many of the videos have. I recommend first watching the video and as you get tired, just close your eyes and focus on the sounds. If you have trouble sleeping with your headphones on, there are headphones designed for sleeping. We did a full review of all the products on the market.

ASMR sleep relaxation videos can be consumed in bed or before bed to get you feeling drowsy. When you feel drowsy enough, don’t look at the screen anymore and just close your eyes. You might want to use a sleep mask to be in complete darkness.

This is an ASMR Sleep clinic role play by TheUKasmr. The sounds are louder at the beginning, but as the video progresses, the volume decreases. It’s ASMR sleep therapy at it’s best!

This ASMR for sleep video focuses on sounds purely and contains no talking. ASMR sleep relaxation.

ASMR for sleep – Relaxing talking with a quiet and soft voice.

ASMR for sleep – Sleep videos to help you sleep

Insomnia is a terrible thing and I hope this article gave you some relief. If you liked the videos, I recommend to watch them every night. There are a huge number of different ASMR triggers and not all of them work for everyone. Experiment and find what videos work for you. Many of the sleep remedies are prescription drugs and other substances that modify the way your body works. It’s a healthy thing to keep them to a minimum if you don’t absolutely need them. ASMR sleep videos are natural home remedies for insomnia and they have no down side. I hope in time, you won’t need any other ways to help you sleep!

If you are watching ASMR videos at evening or night, I highly recommend getting Blue light blocking glasses.

We also wrote a pretty good guide for sleeping. It’s not related to ASMR sleep videos but it’s definitely a good read.

Sleep videos – Best sleep ASMR

Below is listed some of the best sleep videos for you:

This sleep video is a guided and progressive meditation for relaxation. The soft spoken voice that travels from ear to ear will give you a sense of another persons presence (effect is stronger with headphones). Some of our sleep problems arise from anxiety and this kind of video that mimics physical presence can help you out.

The words are whispered as unintelligible so you don’t focus your energy on trying to understand what is said. The idea is to clear your mind and drift off.

This sleep video is intended to reduce headache and induce sleep. ASMR for sleep.

When we were children we often heard bedtime stories. This sleep video gives you just that. A soft spoken bedtime story.

Sleep inducing video. Relaxing environment with soft spoken words.

ASMR sleep clinic – Did it help?

The term sleep video is becoming popular and popular as new people learn about ASMR. In future, sleep ASMR can be very normal thing that is recommended to help you fall asleep. Now it’s still a little bit underground but we’ll hope more people will try these sleeping videos. If you are suffering from sleep loss, why not try everything that’s easy and see if it helps?