ASMR tapping – Videos with lots of tapping sounds

ASMR tapping is one of the strongest triggers. In this article you will find the best ASMR tapping videos. Many of them are over one hour long and you can listen to them as background sounds while trying to fall asleep or doing something else. Some of them contain talking and some of them are pure tapping sounds.

ASMR tapping

ASMR Tapping as a trigger

For many people, tapping is their go to ASMR trigger. The sounds are the strongest, always similar and enough variety that you don’t get too used to them and become immune.

Tapping sounds usually go side by side with scratching sounds as they both are usually done by nails. Many women content creators have actually grown long nails just to produce tingles for their viewers, which I think is amazing! The different kind of sounds are created by tapping an object (or nails) against different kind of surfaces. Different materials have very different kinds of sounds, so if you are really into tapping, you could pay attention to the used materials for your favourite sounds and make a mental note to seek out videos that use such surfaces.

Below are some of my favourite videos. I have organized them into two different categories: no talking and with talking.

ASMR Tapping videos with no talking

Sometimes the talking takes over an ASMR video. Many people concentrate on the voices they hear and are easily distracted from their own thoughts. Tapping, scratching and crinkling sounds without talking is the ideal form of background audio for many.

These are the best tapping videos in my opinion:

An hour long video containing just tapping on different surfaces. Done by Ephemeral Rift and recorded in binaural audio. Surfaces include glass, fruits and everything very creative.

Same idea as the last video, but done by a different person. I can’t decide which one of these I like more.

Tapping with nails.

ASMR tapping and scratching

This clip is actually over 5 hours long. It’s very nice to listen to when trying to fall asleep.

ASMR Tapping videos with talking

Clips with talking or whispering have more variety to them. If you get easily trigger immune, I suggest experimenting with many different triggers – not just your favourite one. If tapping is what sets you off the most, combining it with talking sometimes reinforces the main trigger.

RaffyTaphyASMR is one of our favourite ASMRrtist. His is fairly unknown in the community but does amazing tapping videos.