Guided meditation sleep – List of guided meditations

In this article we talk about guided meditation for sleep. You will learn why meditation is easy and important and we have also listed the best free guided meditation for you.

Guided meditation sleep hypnosis

What is guided meditation and why it’s so good for sleep?

Many people who don’t understand meditation think it’s something mystical and spiritual. Many hobbies, such as Yoga, have helped our society to understand that meditation is just a way to root yourself and to be in control of your feelings.

When I was younger, I loved to walk to the shore and just sit down on a park bench and stare at the sea. I could spend hours with just my thoughts and occasional music. When I got older and all the school, work and other stressful stuff started rotating in my mind, I noticed that just being in peace with myself wasn’t that easy anymore. One time, I remember sitting down at the same bench and just after 5 minutes I was thinking to myself “what the hell am I doing here”. Anxiety got the best of me and it wasn’t fun to just “be”. I’m sure you have had similar feelings for example trying to sleep at night while all the problems start coming to your mind.

Meditation makes you a superhuman

The goal of meditation is to get the stressful thoughts away and get you in a very relaxed mood. Meditation is like getting a massage or doing physical exercising – but for your mind. Not only does it relax and calm you, but it will make you mentally stronger. It helps you in learning how to relax your mind and how to avoid getting angry. All in all, when you are in control of your own emotions, it will make you happier. When you are mentally strong, it’s easier to focus and in the information rich world we live in today, the ability to focus is an undervalued skill and not one to be taken for granted. You are doing this and that and looking at your text messages and Facebook notifications and you lose connection to what you are supposed to be doing. When you are in control of yourself, you get more shit done.

Guided meditation means you follow someone else’s lead. It can be in person or via an audio book. Guided meditations are really helpful when you are starting out. Instead of sitting or lying down and just thinking “what do I do next?”, you will be completely guided to the purpose you are seeking. Most people think that meditation is hard, something that you need special skills to be involved with, but with guided meditation the start is easy for you. If you feel like you need more help, I have listed some resources below the example videos.

Guided meditation sleep hypnosis examples

Guided meditation sleep hypnosis is just a meditation that is designed to get you feeling drowsy. Below are listed some of the best free guided meditations for sleep.

Just start listening. You will be more relaxed if you are wearing comfortable headphones. We did a review of the best sleep headphones.

This is a guided sleep meditation, for deep trance relaxation. This guided visualization has positive suggestions for overcoming insomnia and anxiety, for deep healing, for personal confidence, and for spiritual realization and higher self meaning.

This is a good guided meditation for insomnia. It will create relaxing routines for you. Follow the instructions and just fall asleep…

This is a very well done guided meditation sleep talkdown video done without professional equipment. The sound is very different to the previous ones, see which style you like the best.

How to start meditating and what do I need to learn?

Meditation as a term is so deep and covers another world that you probably haven’t entered yet. It’s about getting to know yourself. So it’s going to be a long and beautiful journey of learning and relaxing and I’m going to give you just a few resources to get you going.

To get started:

– Pick a time of day and do a minimum of 5 min meditation for 30 days straight always at the same time. This can be in the morning when you wake up or in the evening when you are going to bed. This is to create a routine for you. You can setup candles and drink some chamomile tea to create a relaxing environment for meditation.

Use YouTube to find guided meditation videos. (because they are good quality, free and great for beginners).

Read meditation related books. I recommend Eckhart Tolle’s the Power of Now as your first one. These kind of books that get you thinking about how your mind works, how you think and how you can understand yourself better and confront things with more happiness are great reads. The second book I recommend is Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program. And this book is great companion at the start of your journey. Everything you need to know about setting a foundation for your meditation is here.

And that’s it. Go explore the new and beautiful world of meditation.