360 ASMR videos – A virtual reality

360 ASMR, a way of the future. 360 degree videos offer a sense of virtual reality. ASMR is all about creating a believable and soothing feeling. Together they form VR asmr and fit together perfectly.

ASMR 360

360 ASMR – What is virtual reality ASMR (ASMR VR)?

360 degree video is a video that records every direction. The viewer gets to decide whether he/she wishes to look down, up, left or right. So you will be in the middle of the action and get to be a person experiencing the moment. The effect is pretty cool on a computer or mobile but it’s super sweet if you are experiencing the 360 video with a virtual reality device.

How to view 360 ASMR videos?

First off, the better the video quality, the cooler the experience. I suggest you click on the settings button (gear icon) and select the maximum quality.

Computer: Simply left click with your mouse to the video and drag it to look around.

Mobile: If you move your mobile phone or pad around, the video will react.

For Virtual Reality users who use Freefly, Google Cardboard or similar device, click the cardboard icon on the YouTube app before putting your phone in.

VR ASMR videos

Unfortunately here are only a couple of videos. It’s not because of our laziness, but the the lack of good 360 ASMR videos! If you are a content creator, go do your thing. We will love it!

There are some pretty cool products like the Desktek 2016 that will turn your smartphone into a virtual reality device. Or if you want to go cheap, Google Cardboard kit.

Ally always puts her heart in these videos and that’s why they are so good. This truly is virtual reality ASMR.

GentleWhispering’s 360° ASMR Trigger Test.

Ardra ASMR is one of the best ASMR channels.

HeatherFeather’s ASMR 360 Trigger Test.

Cosmic Tingles ASMR makes very relaxing ASMR videos. In this 360 video, there are two things going on at the same time. You can choose which event to follow.

This video is done by ASMR Destiny, whose channel is pretty new. If you like this, go check him out! ASMR 360.

A more traditional ASMR video with a 360 degree twist!

If you like feeling and hearing the rain, this one is for you.

Many people seemed to dislike this video but we found it to be a new and unique way to 360 videos and ASMR. What do you think?

You can make your own 360 videos with just your phone

Mobi-Lens Clip On Lens

Now this is a really cool gadget. It clips on top of your phone’s camera and turns it into a 360 degree camera. There are a few similar products available but this is the one I have used the most and found it really good and easy. I have taken some cool videos on clubs, parties and in the nature, but you can use it for anything! It supports a variety of phones, check the Amazon link for details.

Price – $

Buy Mobi-Lens from Amazon

Want more?

There is also a very nice 360 degree video made by HeatherFeather, GentleWhispering and ASMRrequests. It’s not on YouTube so you have to go here to view it.