Best ASMR videos of all time – The carefully selected top list

Discover the absolute best ASMR videos of all time! Every video on this list is certainly a must watch. Some of them are older, some of them are newer but every one of them is an absolute classic. Let the head tingles begin.

Best ASMR videos

The purpose of this top list is to relax you. You will hopefully find the best ASMR youtube channels, subscribe to them and enjoy them for years to come!

It is not an easy task to create the list of the best ASMR videos. This was a quest to find the best ASMR video ever. What is put into consideration:

  • The popularity of the asmr video
  • The popularity of the trigger used in the video
  • The hype around the community
  • Polls and opinions
  • Video & audio quality

Best ASMR videos YouTube

Tadaa! This list features the top ASMR videos of all time. As time passes by, we will be updating this list as new talents and videos emerge.

The best experience is achieved by listening with sleep headphones for ASMR.

Here are the best ASMR-videos:

1. GentleWhispering’s classic video – It all started with this video

This relaxation video has been a classic among the community for more than four years now. Definitely one of the best ASMR videos of all time. Maria aka GentleWhispering is such a talented person. Many of her creations are the most watched ASMR videos on YouTube. We only included one video from her on this list because we wanted to diversify the style. If this was not the case, probably two or three of her videos would have been found here. This video is the most viewed ASMR video of all time.

2. ASMRrequests’ scifi ASMR

ASMRrequests’ departure series is a ASMR scifi adventure that takes you to the future where intergalactic travel is possible. This is the first and most triggering video of the series. It involves a scifi-like soft spoken voice and lots of cool effects that will give you additional tingles.

3. ASMR Darling’s sleep trigger video

ASMR Darling is a rising star in the ASMR community. She has a calm voice and an incredible ability to give you the tingles. This long video will let you experience different kinds of triggers such as Brushing the mic, Tapping plastic container, Playing with matches, Coins in a bowl and many more. This video is actually the most viewed ASMR video on youtube.

4. TheOneLilium hypnotizing ASMR

TheOneLilium creates a lot of videos and the better ones are absolute gems and almost no-one can compete with her. If you dedicate your attention to this video, it will draw you into a different world. A world of relaxation and tingles where you forget everything else exists. Please enjoy this mysterious ASMR video!

5. Massage ASMR 10 hours of no talking

Massage ASMR compilation – 10 hours of best tapping, crinkle & trigger sound video’s joined together.

6. Gibi ASMR slime video

Gibi’s soft spoken voice and slime sounds will put you to sleep. This kind of Slime is used as a relaxation tool. Gibi actually wrote in the video description: “I’ve been playing with these nonstop since I got them LOL like when you’re just watching TV or reading something online it’s super addicting and satisfying to just”.

7. ARDRA’s asmr role play

Ardra has a hypnotic voice which relaxes and intrigues. She pays very close attention to the quality of her videos and gives you the best asmr triggers.

8. Jellybean will deep breath you to sleep

Jellybean ASMR finest video features slow and deep breathing video, ear to ear sksksk sounds and kissing.

9. Cutebunny will treat you migraine

CuteBunny992 has been making ASMR videos for a long time. This is her most popular and best video. Your migraine will be cured after watching this video. (no promises tho, only tingles can be promised.)

10. BladeWhisperpro will cut your hair

Bladewhisperpro has only a couple of videos on his channel but this one is absolutely amazing. He strives in a female dominated field.

Thanks for reading!

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