ASMR Headphones – Best headphones for ASMR 2024

Listening to ASMR requires three things from headphones; comfort, emphasis on certain frequencies and cancelling outside noise. There are lots of good ASMR headphones and ASMR earbuds out there and we have been reviewing them for over 7 years now.

best headphones for asmr

Factors to Consider When Choosing ASMR Headphones

What you will find here is a review of headphones that are good for ASMR and are comfortable for long hours and/or comfortable to sleep in.

  • Sleep headphones: You can comfortably sleep with them (even if sleeping on your side).
  • Headphones for ASMR: Headphones that excel in these areas: talking, whispering, scratching and other quiet sounds. Differentiation of right and left channel for the best possible binaural experience.

There are lots of cheap ASMR sleeping headphones for $10-$20 and some of them are okay but someone them are absolute crap. Most of them are headband earphones. Of the cheaper brands we have tried over 30 different ones (over 7 years) and there were only a few we liked. What happens with the cheap products is that they are okay for a couple of months and then you want new ones.

The most cost efficient purchases (most quality and longevity for the price you pay) are around $50. If you are looking to have superior audio quality or very good noise cancelling, I would invest $200-$400. The crazy good ones cost about $1500.

Best ASMR headphones for sleep

ASMR is best consumed lying down on a bed. Many of us are side sleepers and have absolutely horrible time trying to find a comfortable position on a bed when the earcups of headphones put pressure on your ears. Luckily, there are many asmr headband headphones that are suitable for side sleepers.

Acousticsheep Sleepphones Wireless

Best headband headphones

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These ASMR sleep headphones have a comfortable headband that holds the speakers in place. You can actually double the sleep headband as an eye mask (which is what I did). The sound quality is surprisingly good. If you have experience with some cheaper brands, expect these to be much higher quality.
They have two fabric choices: breeze fabric and fleece fabric. The fleece is super comfortable and it just feels like someone is constantly petting your head. The breeze fabric is maybe 80% as comfortable but cooler to wear (temperature wise, both look as cool as course!). If you get the hots during nighttime, buy the breeze, otherwise buy the fleece!

And the most important thing with sleeping headphones: when sleeping on your side, you can’t even feel you are wearing them.

AcousticSheep was the original headband headphones, but nowadays there are a lot cheap copies on the market. If you plan on wearing headphones almost every night, please invest in a good, quality product.


Cozyphones Sleeping Headphones

Best affordable ASMR sleep headphones

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Compered to their competitor, the AcousticSheep SleepPhones, these don’t have quite as nice fabric and not nearly as good sound quality. But they do the basic job very well and are a lot cheaper. If you don’t want to invest more, these are fine. We tested a lot more products from the cheaper category of headband earphones. These were the best of the affordable ones. They come with a nice travel bag which is a great bonus. They also have models for kids, which are really friendly looking.


Best headphones for ASMR

The best ASMR headphones focus on comfort, emphasis on certain frequencies and cancelling outside noise. Some models on this section are a bit big and aren’t really suitable for sleeping. But all of them are comfortable headphones for long hours.

OneOdio Wired Over Ear ASMR Headphones

Best affordable ASMR headphones

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These over the ear ASMR headphones are mind-blowingly good for the price. I really did not except this kind of quality when I started to test these. They sound very similar to Beyerdynamic DT 770 which are almost 3 times as expensive as these.


Bose Quietcomfort 35 II

Best ASMR Headphones

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I have been using these daily for 6 years now. First the previous version and now the 35 II. And I wouldn't change them for anything!

Best noise cancelling I have ever tried, very comfortable for long hours, good sound quality, 10 hour battery life that charges really fast.

They are a bit pricey, but well worth it. The noise cancellation was the game changer for me. When you turn these on, the outside world just disappears and you are left with you and your ASMR.

Only negative thing is that they are a bit too big for sleeping and in the gym/exercising they slide and move a bit.


Best earbuds for ASMR

When I started reviewing ASMR earphones about 7 years ago, there weren’t many good earbuds for ASMR around, but boy have the times changed. There have been massive leap in sound quality and noise cancellation systems and these earbuds for asmr are almost as good as the big headphones.

Bose Quietcomfort Earbuds

Best ASMR earbuds

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These are the perfect earbuds for sleeping. They are also a great choice for those who do a lot of sports and exercise.

The noise cancellation of these earphones is almost as good as in the QuietComfort cup headphones . That is, the best in its class. At night I really can't hear anything through these earbuds. During the day, the hustle and bustle in the city decreases by about 80%. The earbuds also have an easy button to turn off the background noise. Sometimes necessary e.g. when moving outside.

Three different silicone adapters are included, so you always get the earbuds tucked in comfortably and firmly. Sleeping with these is very comfortable and they do not put pressure s on the ears at all (even when sleeping on the side).

The battery life lasts about 12 hours and the charging time is very fast. The earbuds are wireless and music etc. can be controlled from the touch surface on the earbuds.


Maxrock Sleeping Earbuds

Best affordable ASMR earbuds

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We ordered 16 different ear buds costing below $15 and these were clearly the best ones.

They are not the best, but for the price, they are AMAZING. Best feature is the soft plugs. Easy to sleep in, comfortable to use for long hours.


TOZO T6 Wireless ASMR Earbuds

Best affordable wireless earbuds

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Very comfortable wireless product. On this affordable price point, this is probably the best suited for most people.

Good sound quality. You can easily sleep in these. Touch controls on the earbuds and waterproof up to 1 meter.


Best headsets for ASMR

There aren’t any headsets that are specifically designed for ASMR but here are the ones that are best for ASMR. We have reviewed both parts; microphone and headphones. So the headset is suitable for listening to ASMR as well as creating ASMR.

Corsair Headset

Best headset for ASMR

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Top tier sound quality AND mic quality, even on wireless mode. The earcups provide a significant reduction which is crazy because this headset isn't even a noise cancelling set.

Very good headset for ASMR. The earcups are super comfortable but the headband gets a little heavy after 3+ hours, but it's easily fixable but adjusting it slightly from time to time.

Comes in 3 different color options.


Senzer ASMR headset

Best affordable asmr headset

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Affordable and good. Comfortable ear paddings, ok sound quality and a decent microphone.



I like things that work and do their job well. If they don’t, I won’t recommend them for anyone. We tested a lot of different earphones for ASMR and presented the best ones in each category. I guarantee each of them are good for their own purpose. There is no best product for all – However, there is a best product for you.

If you are like me and sleep with your music/asmr playing, get the one for your purpose: ASMR headphones for sleep. Which design you feel you would like? The headband or the ear hooks? Choose what initially feels good to you.

If you never sleep with your headphones on and just want to lay in bed for a while, don’t be so critical of the comfort and focus on the sound quality and noise cancellation of the headphones or earbuds.

How to sleep with headphones

The reason this is it’s own section here is that I have seen a lot of questions on forums and such about how to sleep with headphones. And hopefully you have read this article and now understand that if you want to sleep comfortably, you need a product that is designed for it!

Sleep quality

In general, noise throughout the night is considered to be disruptive for sleep. The higher the noise levels vary, the more it disrupts (so don’t listen to distracting music). However, a steady background noise (like white noise or ASMR sounds) can be beneficial to sleep quality. And when the sleeping environment is inherently noisy (street noises, snoring, horrible neighbors etc.) the benefits are higher, because the sounds you are listening through your headphones are more relaxing than the noise you would otherwise hear. This benefit can be higher if using noise cancelling headphones for sleeping.

Dangers with sleeping with headphones

There has been a lot of questions about is it dangerous to sleep with headphones on or earbuds on. I have been reading a lot about the subject. Like with anything in today’s world, when you read too much about something, it suddenly becomes really really dangerous and harmful (try googling for example the symptoms of a basic fever. Suddenly all the information on the internet points out you have some sort of very serious African jungle disease). So please take this following information with a grain of salt and use your own mind about whether you feel this is likely to happen or not.

Minimal risk of strangulation

If you Google around you will find that the top threats are that the headphones cord might strangle you while you sleep and that your house will burn down if you are listening to music at night and can’t hear the smoke alarm. I will admit that I have woken up in the morning with my neck wrapped in a headphone cord, but for it to be hurtful or dangerous it will need a one chance in a billion. If you are feeling unlucky, choose a pair of bluetooth headband earphones (so they are cordless). If you are a child or are applying these tips to a child, then this might be a higher concern. I wouldn’t allow a child to sleep with headphones because of the other factors presented below though.

Some risk of ear infections

Based on my research the actual concerns seem to be: If you wear headphones for many nights straight, it increases the bacteria level in your ears. So if you use them every day, every night for weeks straight, you have increased chances of getting an ear infection or other similar issues. So have some free nights and let your ears rest. Sleeping with earbuds so small that they sink deep into your ear could obviously cause some problems during a night on which you force the earbud deeper and deeper by sleeping on side. So use some common sense, evaluate your options, read through this review again and I trust you’ll be fine. If you think a little, sleeping with headphones is safe.

Potential damage to hearing

Damage to hearing is another real concern. Sometimes to audio volumes just creeps up. Hours and hours of repetition will slowly deteriorate your hearing.

Frequently asked questions

Our readers have often asked these questions about ASMR sessions and ASMR headphones:

Can any headphones be used for ASMR sessions?
While any headphones can be used for ASMR sessions, it’s recommended to choose headphones that offer high-quality sound, comfort, and noise cancellation to provide the best experience.

Can wireless headphones offer the same sound quality as wired headphones for ASMR sessions?
While wireless headphones offer more freedom of movement, wired headphones generally offer better sound quality for ASMR sessions.

How long can ASMR sessions last?
ASMR sessions can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on personal preference and the type of ASMR content.

Are noise-cancellation headphones necessary for ASMR sessions?
While not necessary, noise-cancellation headphones can greatly enhance the ASMR experience by blocking out external noises and creating a more relaxing environment.

Can ASMR sessions have any negative effects?
ASMR sessions are generally considered safe and beneficial for reducing stress and anxiety. However, if you experience any discomfort or negative effects, it’s recommended to discontinue the session and consult a healthcare professional.

Is it safe to sleep with headphones on?
It can be safe to sleep with headphones on if you follow certain safety tips, such as using headphones designed for sleeping, keeping the volume low, and avoiding wireless or noise-canceling headphones.

Can sleeping with headphones damage your hearing?
If you listen to audio at a high volume while sleeping, it can potentially damage your hearing over time.

Are there headphones specifically designed for sleeping?
Yes, there are headphones on the market that are specifically designed for sleeping, with features such as a low profile, soft earbuds, and tangle-free cords.

Can sleeping with headphones improve your sleep quality?
Sleeping with headphones can potentially improve your sleep quality by blocking out noise or providing soothing sounds, but it’s important to keep in mind the potential risks and impacts on sleep cycles.