ASMR boyfriend – Virtual boyfriend videos

ASMR caring boyfriend videos can be the most relaxing thing you can listen to. These videos are a really good way to get your mind away from negative thoughts into a relaxing state. Whether you are feeling down, alone or are just in a lot of stress, give these boyfriend asmr videos a try. This article is a collection of virtual boyfriend videos.

Boyfriend ASMR - Virtual boyfriend

ASMR boyfriend

Different kind of roleplay have been a huge among the ASMR community. At the early stages of ASMR, almost 95% of ASMR artists were female. But now, male ASMR videos have gotten very popular.

ASMR boyfriend videos are usually roleplays were a man is treating you as his girlfriend. These videos often involve lots of personal attention, compliment and affirmations. They are designed to give you some amount of the emotional support that you can get in an actual relationship.

Here is the definition of a boyfriend from urban dictionary:
A male whom a female begins a relationship with. He is not essential to making the female a better person, but more so a person she can depend on for emotional support, sexual comfort, or life lessons. A boyfriend, depending on how the girl feels about him can make a girl feel beautiful, special, a better person, and dependant on the happiness she recieves from him if he is a proper man.

When you are not in a relationship, or your current relationship status can’t offer everything right now, you are lacking the proper support and the reassurance of ASMR boyfriend videos can get you to a relaxed state of mind.

ASMR for women

Usually virtual boyfriend roleplays are spoken to an audience of females but lots of them can be unisex as well. (like the first video of the list)

List of virtual boyfriend videos

Here is a list of our favorite videos. If you are in bed, we recommend listening to these videos with sleeping headphones.

A romantic roleplay that involces male whisper, kissing sounds and close up personal attention.

“I love you” trigger words soft spoken and whispered by your boyfriend.

ASMR caring boyfriend with very soothing voice.

This video will make you feel safe.

ASMR boyfriend cuddle. Some kissing sounds and soft whispering.