ASMR makeup videos – Collection of YouTube tutorials and roleplays

ASMR makeup tutorials are among one of the most relaxing things on YouTube. We have gathered a list of both makeup role plays and tutorials. You can use these videos to get makeup tips, inspiration for makeup looks or to just get beautiful tingles

ASMR makeup roleplay

Makeup tips are used for ASMR

Beauty tutorials have been a big part of YouTube for a very long time now. For the longest time the primary use was to learn how to properly apply makeup and to, for example, get ideas on eye makeup. Then people started noticing how relaxing the videos are and are now watching them as a background noise for pure relaxation purposes. For many of us, these videos were the first ASMR encounter. If you find these videos relaxing but don’t know what ASMR is, read here.

ASMR makeup tutorials

These videos are the “makeup how to”-videos. They are soft spoken or whispered to give you a relaxed feeling.

This is a everyday makeup video. GentleWhispering is the queen of ASMR and it turns out she’s very good at making tutorials. And she uses affordable products. A good tip is that the sponges are meant to be used wet (wet them and squeeze out the water). When they are wet, not as much product gets soaked into the sponge. You’ll save more money and your skin will look softer.

Products used in this video (click to view on Amazon):

Ally’s videos are always professional. This is also an everyday makeup tutorial with good makeup tips.

Extravagant everyday makeup and hair tutorial.

ASMR narrated makeup tutorial. Great for some makeup looks inspiration.

ASMR makeup role plays

Role plays are a common thing among the ASMR community. Their purpose is to put you on the receiving end – you are the one who’s having your makeup done. Sit back and relax.