ASMR whisper – Relaxing whispering videos

Whispering is the most common and well known ASMR trigger. This article is a collection of all the best ASMR whisper videos and features both inaudible whisper and normal ASMR whisper videos.

ASMR Whisper

When we didn’t have a name for the tingling feeling of ASMR, whispering was one of the natural triggers you would run into by accident. The relaxing feeling you got from the quiet voices that reached your ears. That’s why it’s one of the most popular triggers today.

Different types of whispering

Binaural whispering means that you can hear from which direction the sound is coming from. When binaural microphones are used to record ASMR whisper sounds, it almost feels like the content creator is in the same room as you. To fully enjoy binaural sounds, use ASMR headphones.

Inaudible or unintelligible whispering means that you can’t understand the whispered words. This is usually achieved by either whispering really quietly or just using gibberish to replace the words. Some of us focus on words too much and not understanding them makes it easier to let go and relax. The same effect can be achieved by listening to whisper sounds in foreign language.

Relaxing whisper

Relaxing and soothing whispering is found (by the asmr community) to be the most effective type of ASMR to get you sleepy. Besides the ASMR brain tingles, a relaxing human voice psychologically embodies comfort and security. Falling asleep in a comfortable and secure environment is always easier.

Top ASMR whisper videos

Here is a list of the top ASMR whisper videos in no particular order. Most of these content creators have multiple whispering videos on their account so go ahead and subscribe to them if they help you relax.

ASMR whispering

JellybeanASMR is one of the fastest rising ASMR stars. In this video, she will be doing binaural, close up ear to ear whispering and ear cupping.

Bluewhispers most popular whisper video.

BlackmaleASMR is a fairly unknown content creator for many. But his whispering videos are so intense that they trigger you instantly.

Taylor Darling roleplays as a doctor (who whispers of course).

MissASMR binaural whispering.

Lily whispers ASMR’s whispering voice is gentle and quiet. This is a close up whispering video with a little bit of tapping sounds.

Inaudible or unintelligible whispering

This inaudible whisper video is 2 hours long and features a lot of other triggers too.

Unintelligible whisper sounds.