Japanese ASMR – Finding the right videos

Are you in love with Japanese whispering or talking? The videos might be pretty hard to find. But don't worry, we have gathered a list of excellent Japanese ASMR videos as well as some tips on how to find more of them.

Anime girl listening to Japanese ASMR

Japanese ASMR

The culture in Japan is so much more accepting towards underground things like ASMR. There is already quite a big community surrounding the head tingles. For us “foreigners” who do not speak Japanese or understand their written text, these videos are pretty hard to find. In this article I will give you tips on searching Japanese ASMR videos as well as list the best ones I have found.

Most of Japanese ASMR videos focus on soft voices and whispers but there are a lot of variety. Videos range from unintentional craftsman videos to anime role plays. While getting you relaxed, you probably will learn something about Japanese culture as well. Sometimes Japanese ASMR is referred to as Anime ASMR.

Japanese ear cleaning

One of the first things I noticed about Japanese ASMR was that there were a lot of ear cleaning videos. This was very weird to me so I started researching it.

Turns out is is a really common thing in Japan. Ear cleaning, or mimi souji (耳掃除), is performed weekly or bi-weekly to many Japanese residents. It’s like getting a haircut. If you have watched animes or Japanese movies, you might have seen ear cleaning as a romantic element. This is the case in real life as well. Ear cleaning is performed by a professional or a trusted loved one. It’s similar as giving a back massage to your loved ones. If you want to learn more, there is a English spoken informational documentary about the culture surrounding ear cleaning in Japan.

You can actually purchase the ear cleaning tools from Amazon.

Japanese tea ceremony

Tea ceremonies are also a common subject of Japanese ASMR videos. Many of them have lots of great triggers like water sounds, porcelain tapping and ambient sounds.

Tips on searching Japanese ASMR on YouTube

Some of the Japanese videos do have “ASMR” in their titles along with Japanese text, but because most of them have a very low view-counts, they are hard to find. I will give you some Japanese keywords. By searching YouTube with the words, you should be able to find a lot of ASMR related videos.

  • 耳かき – Ear cleaning
  • 立体音響 – Binaural sounds (you can search for “立体音響 ASMR”. The Japanese text means 3D-sound (or more precisely stereophonic sounds)
  • 音フェチ – Sound fetish. (searching YouTube with this keyword reveals a whole world of Japanese ASMR videos)
  • 囁く – Whisper. (you can combine sound fetish and whisper [音フェチ 囁く] for more accurate results)
  • メイク – Makeup
  • ロールプレイ 音フェチ – Roleplay
  • 咀嚼音 – Eating sounds
  • マッサジ 音フェチ – Massage
  • ネイルタッピング – Tapping

List of my favorite Japanese ASMR videos

Unintentional Japanese ASMR

You can also find a lot of unintentional ASMR videos. Here are just a few examples.

Preparing food

Making a drink

What next?

To whom these types of japaneseasmr videos are an obsession, there is a subreddit about Japanese ASMR.