Male ASMR – Relaxing and soothing male voices

This article is about videos where the creator has a soothing voice, calming voice or a relaxing voice. We have found the most relaxing male voices on the planet and are sharing them with you! In this article we will introduce the best male ASMR artists who have soothing voices.

Soothing voice  - ASMR male

Male ASMR – Relaxing voice – Soothing voice

Usually, men have deep voices and when toned down in volume, the voices can also be really smooth. We are always looking for more ASMR triggers and deep voices is a huge one for many. Listen to the videos below and see if it hits you. If not, here are a lot of triggers you can listen to.

Some people avoid male ASMR videos, because they think having a man up close makes them uncomfortable. This is very seldom the case. In fact, the opposite is more true for many people. For women especially, deep and calm male voices bring a sense of security and a feeling of importance. This feeling is very relaxing and goes beyond the normal tingling sensations and calms your mind. In the ASMR world, male content creators need to overcome the normal stereotypes of a man. And so does many of us watchers/listeners. So if you haven’t watched ASMR created by men, give it a try. It’s also very nice to have a bigger pool of ASMR resources. Otherwise, the time will come when you will become bored with your favorite videos.

Because the majority of ASMR artists are women, they tend to talk about same kind of content. Men and women have different interests, so by watching male ASMR, you can also expect to discover unique content.

List of male ASMR videos – Deep relaxing voices for sleep

About 80% of ASMR artists are female. It is good to see some rising male videos as well. Some refer to these videos as ASMR for women, but it’s very common for a man to listen to male voices. Some of the male content creators have reported that 40% of their viewers are male.

Best listened to with Headphones.

This is an educational video about stress free sleep. The readers has a relaxing voice and pauses his speech at right times to create a feeling of relaxation. Follow this guided deep sleep relaxation to the sleep land.

Black male ASMR was actually one of the first men we discovered to make ASMR videos. He has a unique and very deep voice. Close-up whispers with a calming voice are a sure way to feel the tingles.

Deep male voice – Close up ear to ear whispering. This video by Fred’s voice ASMR is one of the most popular male ASMR videos.

This soft spoken House tour by Duff is a very friendly video. Listening to this will make you relaxed.

The french whisperer has many educational videos. They are very interesting and when trying to sleep or relax, it’s just a bonus to learn something, right? This video is about ancient Egypt. Expect a heavy, deep male voice.

Soothing voice – Librarian role play.

This is a video we fell in love with immediately. Just listening to a story of a train ride.

Murder mystery series! You get to follow an interesting story about clues and clever thinking.

Talk about all things Hot Cocoa. You might learn about different tastes and how to perfect them.

In this video, Fat Fr33 Pudding makes ear to ear kissing sounds. It comes with a disclaimer that this video might not be for all viewers. We like the fact he calls his viewers “dreamers”

Soothing voice – Soft spoken ramble about life.

A classic ASMR role play about Men’s Haircut & Wash.

Whispering about Anxiety Support.

Experimental sounds with a clock, latex gloves and anti furring balls! The creativity on this artist is amazing.

Binaural brushing – Strong sounds

ASMR male with relaxing voice. It’s a parody if you can’t tell.

Japanese snacks and sweets

Soothing voice for sleep

Relaxing voice is a great trigger for sleep. You can use these videos both for relaxation or for inducing sleep. The idea of this article was to bring forward male ASMR which gets little attention because the field is so dominated by females. And also to gather a collection of all the best soothing voice videos.