Relax yourself with ASMR minecraft and other gaming videos

If you enjoy video games as much as we do, you will certainly like to watch these relaxing clips of ASMR minecraft. Combine your passions and explore a different kind of head tingles. ASMR gaming opens up a new and tranquil world.

ASMR minecraft

I like to watch relaxation videos that interest me. Whether I’m just chilling or trying to sleep, it is always interesting to see content that offers something more to me than just the pure tingling and relaxing feeling. Being a gamer myself, it saddens me that ASMR hasn’t really gotten to the gaming community.

In addition to Minecraft, I have gathered here videos of other slower games. I feel that high tempo games with high level of competitiveness do not make for a good relaxing video. The game itself would require far too much attention. The best games for “the head tingles” in my opinion are:

  • Turn based strategy games like Heroes of Might and magic and Civilization
  • Exploration games/RPG games like Skyrim, Mass effect, Dragon age origins and Space quest
  • Building games like SimCity, Cities: Skylines, Minecraft and Railroad Tycoon

ASMR Minecraft

Minecraft is a great game and it is well suited for our purposes. Watch, enjoy and discover more.

Ephemeral Rift produces very unique videos. Among them we have a lot of gaming content.

ASMRgames is a fully dedicated channel to asmr gaming.

Misha Shivers’ minecraft videos are her best content.

French Whisperer has a deep accented voice that is a pleasure to hear. He produces a lot of educational asmr content and some gaming videos.

The ASMR Gamer channel is packed with gaming content. From unboxing and game reviews to

Other Games

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter is a horror game. But the video itself is not scary and focuses on the lovely visuals and the rich atmosphere of the game.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a role-playing game where the player may freely explore the environment which consists of mountains, dungeons, cities and wilderness.

If you enjoy the whispering of JubileeWhispers, check out our top list of whispering videos.

Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 is a game where you get to build your own theme park that focuses on roller coasters.

In Railroad Tycoon II, you are an investor who owns railroad companies. Your job is to build a profitable railroad network and increase your personal wealth.

Where to find more?

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