Relaxing animal sounds – Different kind of sounds that give you ASMR

Animal sounds have always relaxed me. When I was little, I often visited my cousin who had a dog. I remember lying on the bed while the dog came closer and closer and eventually started sniffing my ears. It made a funny sound that relaxed me. All I wanted to do, was lay there and sleep and dream. Then the dog started licking and every bit of relaxation was gone.

ASMR animal sounds

You will find close to 15 relaxing animal sound videos here so be patient if the page takes a little bit time to load.

What is ASMR?

The purpose of these animal videos is to get you relaxed. It happens through a phenomenon called ASMR. It is a tingling feeling on the back of your head that travels through your body.

If you haven’t heard of this term or never experienced it, I suggest you read more about it.

Pet Therapy

Animal-assisted therapy uses dogs, cats, canines and other animals to help people recover from or better cope with health problems.

It works because animals make people smile and feel good. In addition to ASMR, I think that listening to animal sounds gives you a feeling of animal presence.

Animal sound videos

So here we have combined the visual joy of watching animals with a different kind of way to trigger ASMR. Most of the videos include soft sounds that are typical to animals. Some of them also include a little bit of soft talking and other ASMR triggers.

These videos vary so much in length that I’ve included the length of the video at the start of every description.

3:19 – Guinea pig and pit bull hanging out as friends.

7:59 – Cat purring while being petted and brushed.

4:06 – Guinea pigs crunching a red bell pepper.

22:53 – Soft talking and grooming dogs at the start but the real dog sounds start at the 17:53 mark. Definitely watch it (this part is my personal favorite of all these videos)!

1:44 – Dog eating watermelon.

1:27 – Owl makes sounds while being petted.

6:13 – Cat is grooming itself.

1:55 – Pet duck is falling asleep on the coach.

1:40 – Dog is eating corn.

2:23 – Cat is licking and making cat sounds!

1:05 – Monkey is petting his cat friend.

1:23 – Never seen a cat this comfortable. Maybe he’s experiencing ASMR himself!

Kitten with a watermelon addiction!