Favorite unknown & small ASMR channels of 2016

Once in a while we get so used to the ASMR channels we listen to that we need some new blood in the mix. This article introduces you to many upcoming ASMRtists who you can follow.

Upcoming ASMR artists - New ASMR

Finding the favorite unknown/small ASMRtists – New ASMR

ASMR has grown a lot over the past few years. Today, there are thousands of small ASMR channels, but they are hard to find. Many of us has grown so used to the popular ASMR artists that we desire something different – New ASMR. We have listed ten of our favorite small ASMR channels here. Some of them are a little bit bigger, some of them are really small, but all in all, they are equally good.

List of small ASMR artists

The list is in no particular order and it features ASMR artists who have different styles. Listen through them and if you find something you like, go and subscribe to their YouTube channel.

These videos are best consumed by listening to them with headphones.

ASmattR‘s most popular videos are his awesome character impersonations.

In this example video, he impersonates Frank Underwood from the tv-series House of Cards (the series is amazing by the way). All of his videos have great audio quality which is a big plus.

MickelousProductions has a very creative mind and makes a lot of interesting ASMR content.

RaphyTaffyASMR has a friendly personality which is communicated through his videos. His speciality trigger is tapping, but all of his videos are very soothing as he speaks in a calming and relaxed voice.

(Fe)MaleASMR is a couple who does ASMR videos together. They are unique because you often see two people interacting and the roleplays seem more real.

Ladylucidity ASMR Art focuses on art related ASMR videos. Most of her videos contain different kind of unique sounds and soft speaking.

Little Watermelon ASMR is from Spain and has an awesome accent.

ASMRMagic is an upcoming ASMR artists who does everything very professionally.

Blackmale ASMR talks about unique topics in his videos. The example video is close-up whispering.