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This blog was made to promote the concept of ASMR.

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Personally, I felt ASMR when I was a little kid. I don’t exactly remember where. Maybe it was at the barber shop or at school but it happened every now and then. I didn’t really put much thought in it at the time. A few years back, while searching for some whispering videos to help me sleep, I discovered that the phenomenon has a name and it is called ASMR. Ever since, I have been kind of addicted to it and it has helped me a lot in the purposes of relaxing and sleeping.

Our goal is to get the weirdness out of ASMR by educating others about the subject. And also to discover more ASMR content. I have listened to the top videos so many times that I’m getting bored. I would like to promote some uprising content that is new to me.

If you have similar feelings, you could write for us.

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