ASMR gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas and other relaxing days!

Are you in need of relaxation gift ideas? There are a lot of people who need to relax and you might be their saviour! I bet they'll love yout gift. We have listed the best relaxation gift ideas for the tingle addicts.

Relaxing gift ideas

Best ASMR gift ideas for people who need to relax – Relaxation gift ideas

Choosing the correct gift for someone is never easy. But if you know a tingle addict, chances are ASMR is a big part of his/her life. Why not get an ASMR related gift? You can get these gifts for birthday, Christmas or just for fun!

ASMR gifts for her or him – Unisex gift ideas

This is a gathered list of mixed products. It contains best selling products for ASMR, some unique ideas that we find to be really cool. Most of these gifts are not gender specific, perfect for guys or girls!

Scalp Massager

Scalp massager

This is basically a physical ASMR trigger. Super relaxing gift idea. You will be feeling tingles all night long. It feels really good, you need to experience it! They are very affordable also.

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Aroma Therapy

Aroma therapy

We ASMR people often like tranquillity and value everything that will give us a peace of mind. Aroma therapy relaxes and also gives aid in sleeping problems. The most popular essential oils for relaxation are lavender, chamomile and vanilla. What you need is a diffuser and a set of aroma oils. The diffuser will carry the scents through your room. Aside from relaxing, these scents will make your apartment smell wonderful for yourself and your guests.

If you are looking for aromatherapy just for sleep, you could get this Aromatherapy sleep pillow mist. It comes in a small spray bottle and it is used to spray scent upon your pillow. It will relax and put you to sleep.


High quality blanket

It’s super nice to relax under a warm and cozy blanket. If you get a real high quality one, it will last forever and feel so much better on your skin. It’s a really great gift for an ASMR addict who loves to relax and heal her/his mind.

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Melatonin shades

Melatonin shades are really comfortable and nice looking glasses that block out blue light which is emitted from phones, laptops and light bulbs. Wear them a few hours before going to bed to naturally trigger sleepiness.

We also have a review article about Blue light blocking glasses.

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Sleep Phones

Sleep Phones

If you fall asleep listening to ASMR like me, these are for you. Comfortable to sleep with.

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(if you like the Sleep Phones, we actually reviewed all kinds of headphones for sleeping and ASMR)

Bob Ross T-shirt

Bob Ross Stuff

Bob Ross is a center piece in the ASMR community. One great gift idea would be to get some Bob Ross stuff. A T-shirt could be a funny gift. These don’t work for everybody, but for the right person, it could be amazing. If he/she is into painting, you might want to get a Bob Ross painting set to replicate the whole Bob Ross experience!

personalized asmr

Personalized ASMR video – Custom relaxation videos

These can be a very special experience. You will have to submit some details about what kind of relaxation video you would like. Many ASMRtists make these personalized videos for money. The price is usually around 50$ to 100$ per one ~15 minute video. There is no market place for these so you have to contact a content creator via email or some other means. Not all of them make these videos, so you’ll have to ask. I know that DuffThePsych makes them.


Adult coloring book

Color your worries away.

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