Does your partner know about your ASMR obsession?

Is ASMR something you just watch alone in the dark after your partner goes to sleep or do you use it to strengthen the bond between you? Do you not care as you don’t need it anymore to relax now that you share your life with another person?

ASMR obsession

We have gathered a step by step process that helps you integrate your significant other into your wonderful hobby of relaxing.

The head tingles

Does ASMR play a big factor in your life? Many of us watch it before going to sleep, or while doing homework or while in the office. Some of us replace music with ASMR videos and consume it many hours per day. Something that has an ongoing effect in one’s life, should definitely be shared with one’s significant other.

So how do we prepare ourselves to speak about the subject?

ASMR is not mainstream

For some, ASMR can be hard to understand and wrong conclusions about it’s application can be quickly drawn. It might be weird for a girl to hear that her boyfriend goes to sleep every night listening to the whispers of another woman. It might be weird for a boy to see that her girlfriend listens to the soft talking of another man for many hours a day.

It might also become a pretty awkward subject of conversation if your relationship has some trust issues and these videos are discovered before you have had the chance to say something.

How to bring it forward?

Like in every situation in a relationship, the key is understanding. If the other person understands what you are feeling or experiencing, he/she can relate to that. At first it may invite a mix of emotions including confusion and curiousness. The best part about talking about ASMR is that you get to feel like a pioneer, the Albert Einstein of Head Tingles!

Step by step process

I kinda lied about the step by step process. The only thing you have to do is be brave and bring it forward. Then just wait for the amusement and understanding! You can say that you watch these weird sound videos, say they aren’t sexual and they help you to relax.

There’s nothing more to it! If the person you are dating is that weirded out by ASMR videos and can’t deal with it, he/she probably has many other issues that wouldn’t work out. Listening to ASMR is not an issue for people who care about each other.

If you are still not brave enough, you can show an ASMR video to your partner and tell him/her you just found about it. Ask him/her “Does it do anything for you?”. You can then later confess you have been obsessed with the effect for many months (or years)!

Do it! An ASMR relationship in a beautiful thing.

Are you in a relationship and do you share the passion of ASMR between your significant other?