ASMR Audio – Where to download?

Have you ever wished you could just listen to ASMR mp3's instead of having to play the videos? Maybe the video player on your phone consumes all of your battery life or maybe your device can't playback a video while simultaneously doing something else. We will introduce you to different options on how to download ASMR audio files and best ways to listen to ASMR audio.

ASMR audio download

In this article, we have listed ways to convert ASMR videos to audio format, good free sources of ASMR mp3’s and our recommendations for purchasing ASMR albums.

When listening to ASMR, wear ASMR headphones

Free ASMR audio

Jeff Bridges sleeping tapes

Before showing you how to convert every ASMR video you ever loved to audio format, let me introduce you to some high end ASMR content I stumbled upon.

Jeffrey Leon “Jeff” Bridges is an American actor and a country musician. He has been all over audio equipment and music production for almost all of his life. Wouldn’t you like to hear how ASMR sounds like when done by a real Hollywood professional with a sturdy budget behind him. I sure would and that’s why I am sharing you the ASMR work created by Jeff Bridges! (We are in no way affiliated with Jeff, we just think he’s a superstar)

He created an audio album called “Sleeping Tapes” which is (surprise, surprise) designed to get you to sleep! You can listen to Jeff Bridges ASMR album here or you can download it for free. (if you don’t want to donate to the hungry children, you can just download the album by clicking the “No thanks, just download the album”-text after the donate-button)

ASMR audio download

There are a lot of different tools to get your favorite videos converted into audio files. If you are on a computer, you can insert the link of a YouTube video onto these links:

  • is a converter tool. It works with Soundcloud URLs and YouTube URLs. Just open up your favorite video and paste the whole URL in the Peggo box. (For example, paste in:
  • works the same way. Accepts only YouTube URLs though. Fast and simple.

There are many other tools as well but they are all similar and I find these two to be the best ones. There are also extensions for browsers that create a “download as mp3”-button on the YouTube site.

For iPhone and iPad: MyMP3 – Convert videos to mp3

For windows phones you can use the same kind of converter: TubeMP3 or a youtube app called MetroTube. From metrotube you can mark a video to be treated as a song by the operating system. Then you will be able to close all apps, lock the phone and keep listening.

For other mobile devices, you can find apps that do the exact same thing. Typically the apps can download the videos as mp3 formats inside the app and you can play them and create playlists within the app. You can do a “YouTube to mp3” search on your phone’s/mobile device’s app store.

You might find more information on our article about asmr phone apps.

Soundcloud – ASMR Mp3 – ASMR download

Soundcloud is a web portal that allows users to post audio files. It has been traditionally used by small time DJs and music producers but you can find lots of ASMR content there also. Many of the top ASMR artists have their own profile there. It’s a great platform for finding ASMR audio only content.

If you do a simple search of ASMR you can get going.

To download audio files you just discover the content you like. Lets take an example channel. Go to ASMR massage’s channel. There you can see the listed tracks. From the small icons below each track, you will find a download button (the one with the arrow pointing to a line). Click the button and you will have your mp3!

ASMR albums – Our recommendations

Springbok ASMR – Softer somewhere

Springbok is a great ASMRtist who has produced a professional audio album. You can’t get the tracks free anywhere. You can check out the samples from the Amazon link.

Buy from Amazon

Buy from iTunes

Gentlewhispering Collection

Gentlewhispering has been the biggest ASMR star for several years now. By buying these tracks, you’ll also support the ASMRtist.

Buy from Amazon

To be honest there is not that much great ASMR content for sale for now. So we’ll leave the recommendation list short and update it as better content emerges. In the meantime, search free ASMR audio content from YouTube.