ASMR doctor – Exam roleplays collection

ASMR doctor role plays are among the most popular ones on YouTube. While many find going to the doctor scary, many find it extremely relaxing. Going to an annual check up where you will be given personal attention with soft spoken and confident voice is about the most relaxing thing some can think of. This article features information about different kinds of ASMR doctor role plays like cranial nerve examinations, ear exams, eye exams and dentist visits.

ASMR doctor exam

ASMR doctor videos

In this article, we have divided the videos into some different categories. There are different kinds of physical examinations or doctor visits. Cranial nerve examination being the most popular and famous. All these videos are designed to trigger ASMR. If you don’t know what ASMR is, please read here.

These ASMR doctor videos are chosen here because they are one of the best ones in each category.

ASMR cranial nerve exam

Cranial nerve exam is part of a neurological examination. It is used to identify problems with the cranial nerves by physical examination. This means the doctor will run about 7 to 15 different physical test on you. ASMR Cranial nerve examination videos are trying to mimic what a normal cranial nerve exam feels like. And how relaxing it can be. For many, these exams in real life were the ones that introduced them to ASMR in the first place.

Wear ASMR headphones for optimal experience.

By GwenGwiz, who is a rising ASMR artist. She is performing an annual cranial nerve exam for you, where she tests your sight, hearing and smell. She has a soothing voice that triggers a lot of tingles.

Features a russian accent, which in itself is a trigger for many. A neurologist will make delicate examination and other medical procedures. And you are the patient.

A demonstration of a real cranial nerve examination. In the ASMR community, we call these unintentional ASMR videos. It means the video is not created for the purpose of ASMR but is still very triggering.

ASMR dentist

Dentist videos are the ones that divide opinions. For many, they are the most relaxing. But for others, the scary sounds of a tooth drill come first to mind. If you are one of the scared persons, give these videos a try. I promise they are relaxing with no scary drills.

The whole experience of a dentist visit. The video takes you from the dental office to the operating table and lastly, to home.

This is a dental examination featuring mouth sounds, close up attention with soft speaking and some whispering. Also some relaxing sounds with metallic tools.

ASMR check up

ASMR check ups are role plays of different kind of physical examinations. All the ones that can’t be easily categorized are usually named check ups.

Bluewhisper performs a physical exam for you.

Virtual physical examination.

ASMR ear exam & eye exam

There are a lot of ear exams videos around, because many of the ASMR artists own a microphone that has dummy ears. And it is easy to simulate an ear axamination with that setup. Many eye exams are popular because they most often feature a light shined in the patient eyes and that in itself is a strong ASMR trigger for many.

Enjoy your experience with Dr. Orion as he checks your eyes, ears, and scalp.

Features an ear exam and the whole process of an ear cleaning.

ASMR doctor role plays were the corner stone of ASMR in the beginning. This is because it was the first trigger many of us remembered from the time when we didn’t know what ASMR was. All we knew that we got tingles from the doctor visit.