What is ASMR?

ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) is a pleasant tingly feeling that you experience when you are hear soft voices or certain soothing sounds such as tapping, whispering, brushing etc. This tingling sensation is euphoric. It starts in the back of your head, travels down through your spine into your limbs. It relaxes you and gives you a feeling of well being.

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Discover ASMR videos

This website has been running for almost 10 years. You might find something from the past that is usually hidden deep in YouTube.

Slime ASMR – Most satisfying and relaxing slime videos

We have listed the most satisfying slime asmr videos of all time. You can watch them to relax or to learn how to make slime.

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ASMR doctor – Exam roleplays collection

ASMR doctor role plays are among the most popular ones on YouTube. While many find going to the doctor scary, many find it extremely relaxing. Going to an annual check up where you will be given personal attention with soft spoken and confident voice is about the most relaxing thing some can think of. This article features information about different kinds of ASMR doctor role plays like cranial nerve examinations, ear exams, eye exams and dentist visits.

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ASMR boyfriend – Virtual boyfriend videos

ASMR caring boyfriend videos can be the most relaxing thing you can listen to. These videos are a really good way to get your mind away from negative thoughts into a relaxing state. Whether you are feeling down, alone or are just in a lot of stress, give these boyfriend asmr videos a try. This article is a collection of virtual boyfriend videos.

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