Introduction to ASMR

Best ASMR Microphone

Hello, I see you are looking for an ASMR microphone.

You have come to the right place, because I have been using ASMR microphones for over 6 years and I will not let you make the same mistakes I made when I bought my first ones.

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Bob Ross – One of the accidental pioneers of ASMR

Bob Ross is the most famous ASMR artist. By accident of course as he never intended for his show to be watched for relaxation purposes. Many of our readers ask about him so we decided to do a small introduction.

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ASMR gift ideas for birthdays, Christmas and other relaxing days!

Are you in need of relaxation gift ideas? There are a lot of people who need to relax and you might be their saviour! I bet they'll love yout gift. We have listed the best relaxation gift ideas for the tingle addicts.

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ASMR Headphones – Best headphones for ASMR

Listening to ASMR requires three things from headphones; comfort, emphasis on certain frequencies and cancelling outside noise. There are lots of good ASMR headphones and ASMR earbuds out there and we have been reviewing them for over 7 years now.

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ASMR apps and software that help you relax and sleep

With ASMR app, you can benefit a lot more from ASMR or make the listening easier. There are apps for iPhone and Android phones, software for PC and Mac and some products that help you relax and sleep better. Read on and find out what are the best ways to pump up your ASMR game.

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